UI Design, Web Design

Website Design for a Team Collaboration App.

Overview & Context
Teamwork is an application that makes it easier and faster to set up teams, manage projects and track team progress. I designed a concept landing page for the teamwok app. This project was done as a webflow design practice.

Objectives & Goals

The major objective of the website is to clearly communicate the features of the application in such a way as to generate interest in their target audience. The main conversion metric of the website was to get people to sign up as early users for the teamwok application.

These are the 2 major goals for the website:

Well Laid out Content and Feature Explanation
The website should be able to present the teamwok application features in a clear and consice manner. It should be easy for anyone to understand what they offer.

High Conversion Website Design
The website should be designed in such a way as to maximize the number of early access signups gotten for the teamwok app.

Research & Mood board

The first stage of the app design was gathering inspiration and collating a moodboard designs and elements that I like. These elements form the basis of the designs that I would create for the teamwok app.

Sketching & Wireframing

After collating the moodboard, I moved to the wireframing section of the app. I wireframe before designing in order to focus on the content of the website without the distractions of color and designs. I was able to break the homepage into 5 sections which will each highlight the goals we need to achieve with the website. Since one of the goals was to get early access signups for the app. I placed the signup form in specific locations known to maximize the number of registrations.

Visual Designs

The color palette I used for the website was based on purple section of the color wheel. I contrasted it with an off-white color to provide enough contrast. I used the font Sofia Pro because it spoke professionalism and at the same time friendliness.
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