Designing a platform to connect and manage influencers.

Project Overview
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Overview & Context
Influenzit is a revolutionary platform designed to simplify the influencer marketing for businesses of all sizes. It empowers business owners to discover, collaborate with, and manage influencers and creators effectively.
Image of screens from the influenzit platform

Problem Statement

Influencer marketing has rapidly evolved into a powerful marketing strategy. However, businesses often face several challenges:
Identifying the right influencers who align with their brand's values and target audience is a time-consuming task.
Coordinating campaigns, negotiating terms, and ensuring compliance can be complex and challenging.
Tracking influencer performance, content approval, and measuring ROI is cumbersome without proper tools.

Role and Collaborators

My role on the project was to work as a sole Product Designer and as such, I was involved in the end to end design process from initial research to high-fidelity designs.
What did I do?
User Research
User flows/ Sitemaps
User Interface Design
Who did I work with?
Product Manager
Front-end and Backend Engineers


Influenzit's design journey began with extensive research into influencer marketing trends, competitor analysis, and interviews with potential users. The research process helped me explore the possible user personas and ideal user flow for all users of the platform.
User Personas
The user personas were created to represent our target audience based on the insights gathered from the user research. I created 4 different users personas, 2 for influencers and creators and 2 for brands and business owners.

User Flows

With the requirements and knowledge I had gotten concerning the app, the competition and its users, I came up with a user flow and structure for the app.
User Flow for Business Owners
User Flow for Influencers/Creators

Style Guide and Components

As this project was undertaken on a freelance basis, one of my initial tasks was to establish a set of styles and components that would serve as a foundation for the entire product design. This framework was designed to provide guidance to future designers and developers, promoting a cohesive and consistent approach in all subsequent design work.

Website pages

After working on the brand color, style guide and typography I started work on the website. We decided to show a limited number of influencer profiles with limited functionality before login in order to encourage business users to sign up.

Onboarding Process

Every user of the influenzit platform signs up from one interface but has to select the user category. This selection influences the onboarding process after signup.

For business owners and brands, in order to reduce barrier to entry they are prompted to complete their business profile before launching a campaign but can view influencer and creator profiles.

Finding and Collaborating with Influencers

Business owners can view influencer profiles, search for influencers and filter by platform, category, audience and performance. They can view influencer/creator profiles and analytics by platform.

To collaborate with an influencer, they click on the "Collaborate with influencer" button and are send a message to the influencer to collaborate.

Managing Campaigns

Campaigns are created are created by influencers and accepted by the business owners after discussions have been concluded in their inbox. Campaigns are either completed, ongoing or not started for campaigns that have been created by the influencer but not yet approved by the business owner.

Campaigns are created with milestones and a business owner can either accept or reject a milestone delivery.

Rejecting Milestone Delivery

A business owner can reject a delivery but with reason. The influencer can then re-deliver or the campaign can be cancel thereby opening a support ticket.

Complete and Review Campaign

A campaign is completed once the final milestone has been accepted by the business owner. There is a period of 30 days when a review can still be left for the project.

Wallet and Messages

All funds are first held in escrow by the Influenzit platform before being released to an influencer/creator. The wallet helps to manage all transactions on the platform.

The messages/ inbox is where all users on the platform can interact with each other. Each project also has it's own messaging section.


Support tickets can be easily opened once there is a problem between the inluencer, creators or business owners.

Campaign Requests

Business owners or brands can created campaign requests with a list of evrerything they want to achieve and leave it open to bids from influencers.
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