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Designing a reward based finance app for families.

Project Overview
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Overview & Context
‘Incentive’ is a mobile app designed to aid parents in teaching their kids the value of work, time and money. It creates a practical way of letting kids realize that money is generally worked for when you provide value. It also encourages them to save towards specific goals.

Objectives & Goals

The goal of this project was to design an engaging and intuitive mobile application with a clean and minimal user interface for both parents/ guardians and kids. I was also tasked with creating a visual identity for the incentive project.

I designed profiles for both parents and kids with administrative interfaces where parents can create tasks and monitor their children’s activities. Another key feature designed in the app was the ability for kids to create and fund goals.


Target Audience
The target audience for this app are parents with kids between the ages of 6 and 16. I created a persona in order to outline and better understand the needs, character and pain points of the app users.

Because the age range of kids using the app is quite broad (6-16), I had to take into consideration the two sets of kids who will be using the app. I structured the app in the such a way that parents can manage their kid’s account until they reach a specific age or get a phone, at which point the children can claim their profiles.


User Flow
With the requirements and knowledge I had gotten concerning the app, the competition and its users, I came up with a user flow and structure for the app.

A first time user is onboarded and guided throughout the account creation process where they create their kids’ profiles, set up a reward system and set up their wallet. From the home page, parents can easily navigate to see their kids’ activity and progress for the day and assign tasks to them.

Sketching and wireframing

The next step after defining the flow and structure of the app was to put pen to paper and sketch out the screens for the app. This allowed me to flesh out my ideas without much commitment and receive feedback which I used to improve the flow of the app.

At this point, I also worked on the information architecture of the app. I focused on the key features, like the task and goal creation process. I was able to iterate through feedback, and create a more clearly defined process for the creation of tasks and goals.

Visual Designs

The first step of the visual design process was to come up with a color and typography for the app. After exploring a few styles and palettes I finally settled on a style guide for the app.

Onboarding Process for Parents

Onboarding Process for Kids

Task Mangement for Parents

Task Management for Kids

Manage Kid’s Profiles

Create and Fund a Goal

Wallet and Settings

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